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Sports & Leisure


Controlling energy costs as well as achieving and maintaining comfortable internal environments in leisure centres is expensive and challenging.

Leisure facility operators don’t need to be told that energy costs come second to labour costs which is not surprising due to the very nature of the design and size of most sports buildings. It does not matter if it’s a swimming pool, gym or sports hall; altogether they create a challenge for any HVAC system not only to maintain required temperatures but create environments which are agreeable for users.

Sports & Leisure Facilities – Destratification Fan Systems


  • Communal spaces such as reception, crèche rooms, offices, cafes and ancillary areas
  • Gymnasiums, dance studios and fitness centres
  • Swimming pools

  • All types of multi-purpose sports halls
  • Indoor tennis and cricket halls
  • Bowling alleys and skating rinks
  • Indoor climbing centres
  • Changing rooms and shower facilities

Airius destratification fans work simply and inexpensively alongside all types of HVAC equipment to improve your energy management by balancing temperatures, reducing both heating and cooling costs by between 20 to 50% or more and create gentle air movement thorough out the internal space.

Airius are World leaders in destratification fan technology and have the largest range of fan units that can be installed into both open and suspended ceilings and are suitable for any leisure centre application.


“Providing clean air is one way we demonstrate our commitment to the health and well-being of our guests and staff.

It quickly eliminates any VOCs during maintenance work and allows us to prevent mould issues in the indoor pool area. We also don’t have the slightest worry about pet odours."

Fergus O’Halloran - Managing Director

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- The Twelve Hotel

"The Hotel selected Airius PureAir technology for installation in our Candle SPA in the summer of 2020.

Highly recommended by several international institutions, the technology has allowed the reinforcement of protection measures and raised the level of confidence and wellbeing felt by our guests."

Dr. Gonçalo Nunes - Director General, Hotel Porta do Sol

- Candle Spa (Hotel Porta do Sol)

"Thank you for all your work this term in improving DG1. The addition of fans have greatly improved the working environment for staff and students making it much cooler and more comfortable, and it is something that I and the TAS team appreciate. "

Paul Berecry - Facilities Manager

- Pittwater House School

"The Airius Fans certainly have made a big difference and improved comfort during the various functions we have at the centre. He indicated that one of the great benefits of the Fans is that since installation there have been no complaints about the overheating and there is much appreciation of having the areas cooler”.

Contract Manager

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- Green Point Christian College

"Installing the Destratification Fans was a first for us and addressed a need to improve the working environment of the pool-side staff. The fans were straightforward to install through our M&E contractor A McKay & Co. Now that the system is running in co-ordination with the air handling plant this has been achieved successfully."

David Hamer – Maintenance Surveyor

- Midlothian Council

"We had previously spent vast amounts of money installing mechanical air handling units and ducting systems in the pool, yet there were still areas around the pool where instructors and customers found it very humid. The Model 60 Airius fan not only alleviated this issue but helped dry out an end wall that was often wet with condensation."

Howard Gumbley - General Manager

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- Hilton Brown Swimming Pools

"The Airius fans have proved to be effective and do not dominate the space but fit easily into the hall; they are almost not noticeable whilst moving the air around the hall, creating air flow on hot, still days making the hall more comfortable to teach and learn in.“

Rod Seib - Director of Sport

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- Saint Stephens College

"The Airius system has been in operation for six months now. We are more than happy with the results. The space is a lot more usable in the hotter summer months. We have received great feedback from both the school PE department and also external hirers. High intensity sport is played in the gym now with a lot more comfort."

Keith Stevenson - Facilities Manager

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- SCEGGS School Sports Facility

"5 Airius Standard Series Model 25 units were used to effectively cool down the areas surrounding the MLC Swimming Pool."

Mark Winstanley - MLC Facility Manager

- Methodist Ladies College (Swimming Pool)

"The Airius units seem to be working well and the pool surrounds feel much cooler and better."

David Jordan - Manager

- Pacific Pines Pool & Spa Services

"I spoke to the high school PE teacher (major user of the stadium) & they are finding the Airius Fans really good, especially in summer!"

Helen Mathew (FRAIA)

- Mount Beauty Sports Centre

"The Airius units are quite remarkable as they create a system of cooling air circulation, they are easy to install and easy to maintain and great value as well. You have a great product, provide great service and excellent value, ease of installation and ease of operation.”

David Jordan - Manager

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"After installing two Airius fans and experiencing the immediate difference to the comfort level in the bar, we were very impressed. Looking forward to seeing how they perform in summer, and we are planning to install more of the units around the building..”

Sam Slaney - Distillery Manager

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- Starward Whiskey Distillery

“Since the installation of the units the air quality and temperature has vastly improved and people are now feeling a lot more comfortable in the environment.”

Tom Lyons – Knowsley Council

- Knowsley Leisure Centre

"These have made a vast improvement to the internal atmosphere within the buildings and the public who use the facilities find the air quality greatly improved for sporting activities. The heating systems come on much less often and the complaints from swimmers about the warmth in the swimming pool area has reduced by 90%.“

James Dunn – Facilities Manager

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- Sixmile Leisure Centre

"We carried out temperature readings before and after installation and after the variance in temperature over a 24 hour period was between 1 and 1.5 degrees. This is a significant improvement over previous readings. Feedback from Centre users has been very positive with customers commenting on the “freshness” of the internal environment.”

Duncan A. McLaren BSc, PgDip, AIEMA – Senior Energy Technician

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- Saltire Leisure Centre