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Diamond Series

The biggest breeze for the biggest venues. Using our new patented Bypass technology, the Diamond series is designed to quietly cool any space by eliminating hot and cold zones, and simultaneously equalising humidity from floor to ceiling. The Bypass system is the same as that found on the latest generation of jet engines.


Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Airius Diamond series fans pack a lot of power into a small package. Highly energy-efficient and remarkably quiet, these destratification fans create a constant flow of air around your building.


In addition to eliminating hot pockets of air, Diamond destratification fans can make your space feel 7°C cooler on hot days (>36°C). This cooling effect can also extend the lifespan of plant and machinery, as well as other infrastructure such as lighting systems.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Our new Bypass technology is an Airius-patented component of our new Diamond series destratification fans. It is an approach also found in the engines powering the latest generation of Dreamliner passenger jets.


This Bypass Technology helps us achieve a 15-20% increase in air flow performance, which gives these fans the power to cool the largest environments. Our patented Bypass Technology also means our fans achieve a bigger effect with less energy, giving you a more comfortable space while also lowering your energy costs.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

The flexible installation options for Diamond series fans means they can be easily deployed in any space. They can also be angled (up to 90°) to suit the cooling needs of your space.


Diamond destratification fans are ideal for a wide range of buildings and use cases, and are particularly suited to sports arenas, gymnasiums, airports, agricultural facilities and factories.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

By using premium components and our patented designs, our Diamond series of destratification fans can achieve powerful cooling effects while using minimal energy.


Using Airius destratification fans instead of air conditioning can dramatically reduce your energy costs and significantly improve your carbon footprint. And when used in conjunction with traditional air conditioning systems, the movement of air can improve the performance of your system, simultaneously improving comfort levels and reducing energy bills.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Diamond series fans can be used for cooling environments with ceilings between 8-16m high. They can achieve destratification under ceilings as high as 25m.


While primitive bladed fans create a great deal of noise and visual disturbance, and are only capable of churning the air near the ceiling, Airius destratification fans discretely create a column of air that descends all the way to the floor. This column has enough force to circulate the air at ground level, but without kicking up dust or creating a draughty environment.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Airius Diamond series destratification fans can achieve coverage of between 120m2 and 300m2, depending on the height of installation.


Our engineers can help you evaluate your cooling needs and design the ideal package of Airius fans to improve comfort and reduce energy costs in your facility.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Moving air encourages the evaporation of moisture from your skin, which in turns creates a cooling effect. The movement of air can make you feel up to 6 degrees cooler on a 36 degree day.


Airius fans use a highly efficient system to achieve this impressive impact on comfort. This means you can affordably improve conditions for workers and visitors without adding to the background noise in your space, and without inflating your energy bills.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Airius fans are the smart destratification solution. Using patented technology and premium components, Airius fans can make a huge impact from a compact package.


Benefits of Airius destratification fans include:

— Reduce heating costs by 20%-50%

— Reduce cooling costs by 20%-40%

— Reduce CO2 emissions by 20%-50%

— Carbon grant eligible

— Rapid ROI – usually between 12-24 months

— 5 year warranty

— Increases lifespan of lighting, HVAC & equipment

— Maintains optimal working environment

— Quick and easy to install and maintain

— Compatible with HVAC and BMS systems

— Reduces condensation and draughts

— Recycles heat from machinery, lighting, solar gain etc

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan


Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Diamond destratification fans can be used with the Airius 1 AMP, 5 AMP and EC wall-mounted speed controllers. This allows you to customise your installation to gain maximum efficiency from your Airius system in any climate.

Airius engineers can help you evaluate your options and select the most efficient and effective fleet of fans to lower your energy costs and improve comfort in any environment.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

The Diamond series is available in cool grey (PMS 2C), grey (PMS 432C) or black.

These subtle colour options help the Diamond destratification fans to fade into the background. You might not notice the fans, but you will always appreciate the constant improvement to comfort.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Airius destratification fans are designed to run 24/7. By running perpetually, they prevent the fluctuations in temperature that occur when stratification goes untreated.

When buildings are unoccupied for periods of time, Airius fans can be installed in conjunction with timers, integrated with a building management system (BMS) or used with wireless controls.

Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

Diamond series destratification fans are available with either PSC (permanent split capacitor) or EC (electronically commutated) motors from leading manufacturer EBM Papst. EC motors offer optimal operation at less than 100% speed.

All motor options offer incredible performance and efficiency, giving you years of cost savings while consuming remarkably low levels of energy.


Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

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Airius Onyx Series Destratification Fan

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