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Airius Standard Series Destratification Fan
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Airius Destratification Standard Series
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Airius Destratification Fan Standard Series

Standard Series

The world's most popular destratification fan. The Standard Series uses our patented technology to deliver incredible performance and unbeaten energy efficiency. With sales exceeding 175,000 units worldwide, the Standard Series suits ceilings from 2.5 metres to 32 metres - from offices to aircraft hangars.


Airius Destratification Fan System

From the sub-zero lows of northern Canada to the stifling highs of Queensland, and all conditions in between, our patented multi-vane stator technology makes any environment more comfortable and more affordable to heat or cool.


Every Airius fan is backed by our 120-day money back guarantee and a leading 5-year warranty.


Airius Destratification Fan System

Our internationally patented multi-vane stator technology creates a slow-moving column of air, which increases throw distance. The column of air descends to floor level, circulating all the air in the space at the same speed, balancing temperatures to within 0°C – 2°C. Only Airius fans offer this technology.


While other fans simply churn the air inefficiently, Airius fans use the least power to create the greatest impact.

Airius Destratification Fan System

Destratification fans from the Standard Series can be installed in facilities with ceilings as low as 2.5m up to 32m. For suspended ceilings, consider the Suspended Series.


Our lightweight designs are ideal for a wide range of applications – Including locations where traditional big-blade or box fans are unsuitable or unsafe.

Airius Destratification Fan System

Standard Series fans are simple to install and can be fitted in places where conventional fans are unable to reach. Airius fans have a 5VA flame resistance rating and undergo rigorous impact testing.


Airius Destratification Fan System

Our lightweight fans are easy and affordable to install in a wide range of spaces. The Model 10 designed for ceilings from 2.5m high weighs just 3.2 kg. The Model 100 designed for ceilings up to 32m still weighs only 20.4kg.


Their lightweight design makes Airius destratification fans suitable for locations that cannot accommodate conventional-style, large bladed or box fans.



Airius Destratification Fan System

Airius fans improve the performance of both heating and cooling systems. By recirculating heat, energy costs for heating can be cut by up to 50% or more. When used with air-conditioning systems, Airius fans ensure the cool air is evenly distributed, reducing cooling costs in some cases by up to 70% (See Bowlplex Plc Testimonial).


Investing in Airius destratification fans means you get year-round benefits, both in terms of comfort and in terms of energy usage.


Airius Destratification Fan System

We build our fans with highly-efficient EBM Papst electric motors. This means that your Airius fans cost as little as £24 per year to run – even when they’re on all day, every day. Competing products typically use significantly more power – often by a factor of 10.


Our power use estimates assume you will run your Airius fans 24/7 – as this is the most efficient way to use destratification fans. Leaving your fans running over night dramatically reduces the time required to bring your facility to the correct temperature each morning.

Airius Destratification Fan System

Airius fans are the smart destratification solution. Using patented technology and premium components, Airius fans can make a huge impact from a compact package.


Benefits of Airius destratification fans include:

— Reduce heating costs by 20%-50%

— Reduce cooling costs by 20%-40%

— Reduce CO2 emissions by 20%-50%

— Carbon grant eligible

— Rapid ROI – usually between 12-24 months

— 5 year warranty

— Increases lifespan of lighting, HVAC & equipment

— Maintains optimal working environment

— Quick and easy to install and maintain

— Compatible with HVAC and BMS systems

— Reduces condensation and draughts

— Recycles heat from machinery, lighting, solar gain etc

Airius Destratification Fan System


Airius Destratification Fan System

All Airius fan units come with options for variable speed control with the Airius 1 AMP, 5 AMP and EC wall mounted speed controllers. This allows you to customise your installation to gain maximum efficiency from your Airius system in all seasons.


Our engineers can help you position, install and set-up your destratification fans for maximum performance.

Airius Destratification Fan System

All Airius destratification fans come as off-white (Cool Gray C) as standard. For installations where colour and aesthetics are a factor, Airius destratification fans can be RAL colour match painted to suit your unique application.


This colour-matching option, combined with our elegant designs, means that you can transform the comfort of your environment without impacting the aesthetics.


Airius Destratification Fan System

Airius destratification and airflow circulation fans are designed to operate 24/7, 365 days a year in order to maintain balanced temperatures. When buildings are unoccupied for periods of time, Airius fans can be installed on timers, integrated into a buildings management system (BMS), or used with wireless controls.


This gives you the flexibility to control your destratification processes automatically and remotely.


Airius Destratification Fan System

Airius destratification and airflow circulation fans are available as either SP (Shaded Pole), PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) or EC (Electronically Commutated) fan motors from leading manufacturer EBM Papst. EC motors are ideal for efficient, quiet applications when operating at less than 100% speed.


Whichever motor option you choose, you are ensured a quiet and efficient motor that will reduce your energy costs for many years.


Airius Destratification Fan System

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Airius Destratification Fan System

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